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Baffled Water Tanks
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Welcome to BaffledWaterTanks.com. , your one stop shop for water tanks ideal for car valeting and window cleaning. Please browse our website to find the best water tank for you. All the water tanks listed on baffled water tanks are ideal for transporting in the back of vans. We have a dedicated sales team to answer all you questions and queries.

Baffled Water Tanks

Ideal for Car Valeters and Window Cleaners

280 Litre Water Tank
£98 + VAT

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500 Litre Water Tank
£133 + VAT

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Baffled Water Tanks

Baffled Water Tanks

For you Car Valeters and Window Cleaners we have a range of baffled water tanks that are ideal for travelling in the back of vans and cars. Why? Because the specially designed baffle (the slot through the tank) disrupts the flow of water and prevents the car/van from tipping over when going round corners


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Layflat Water Storage Tanks

Layflat Water Storage Tanks

Some of us haven't the space to have large water tanks. So here at Water Storage Tanks have a range of low level layflat tanks that are ideal for sliding under decking or for use in vans and cars.

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Water Tanks Explained

As we have so many water tank listed, we thought it a good idea to give you a small understanding about what is included the tanks and how there made.

Water Tanks Explained

1. Vented / Non Vented Lids
Vented and Non Vented lids come as standard with our water tanks. These are available is sizes 4", 8", 14" and 16".

2. High grade Polyethylene (MDPE)
Our water tanks only use high plastic polymers to ensure great moulding results.

3. BSP Outlet
To makes things a easy as possible for you, most of our water tanks are moulded with a BSP outlet , which you can use to connect a simple brass tap to or a shut off valve.

Moulding Process

Water Tank Process

Here is a photo (left) of a water tank in production. All the water tanks are quality checked before being sent out.

We maintain our high standard with a daily review of lines made that day.

In an effort to reduce cost we are always trying new work methods to create the best end result.

What is a Baffled Water Tank ?

A baffled water tank is usually a natural coloured water tank, to enable the water level to be cleaerly shown, with a large hole going through the middle of the tank.

This hole is designed to distrupt the flow of water in the tank making it safe to transport in vehicles.

All our baffled water tanks have a ¾" or 1" BSP outlet. A 1½ " BSP outlet is also available on selected tanks.

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